When Ty Treaster took over as manager of the Juniata baseball team a couple of years ago, he had several goals, one of which was turning the team’s all-dirt infield into a grass one.

 “A few years ago when helping out the program I mentioned about some day turning our field into a grass infield because of all the problems we have on it,” Treaster said, speaking of John Henry at JPH Enterprise, LLC.

“I reached out to John and asked if he could help out with the field. He went above and beyond for us. This field was originally an all dirt/skinned infield. For many years, games have been lost at home due to flooding/ drainage issues. Athletes have had many injuries from bad hops/uneven playing surfaces, especially the high area between first and second.”

John, and a number of other commited volunteers came through in a big way. Treaster purchased and replaced new drainage and created wider stone beds and then John took care of the rest.

“John donated the topsoil and sod for the infield,” said Treaster. “John and his crew spread out the soil and laid the sod.”

Treaster, rightfully so, is pretty proud of the field’s transformation. “This has become the most beautiful baseball field (in my opinion) in the area and surrounding areas.”

He went on, saying, “I am beyond thankful for the work the guys did with JPH. He is the reason our program can continue to grow.  It’s people like John Henry that makes sure our community is strong and ensures our youth have nice Fields to look forward to in their futures.”

One of Treaster’s inspirations was another Juniata field. “Most youngsters can’t wait to play on Dietrich field some day, playing under the Friday night lights every week. I was one of those kids. Now I’m also hoping the kids will see the baseball field in a similar way and look forward to playing on it in their future, as well.”

In addition to john Henry, Treaster said many others deserve recognition, as well, “There are many people to thank in this project for donating their time. Thank you also to Axis Productions, Dave Maneval for excavation, all the volunteers, players and coaches who worked many hours for this to get done. Thank you JCSD for allowing us to do this project. Thank you to my father Randy for always putting the kids first and the countless amounts of hours you’ve put into the future of our county’s baseball players.”

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