EAST JUNIATA READY TO PUT ON “Roald Dahl’s ‘Willy Wonka'”

The East Juniata crew is back and ready to blow you away with their performance of “Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka.”

Show will take place at EJHS Auditorium on the following dates and times:

Thursday, February 29 at 7 pm

Friday, Mar 1 at 7 pm

Saturday, March 2 at 7 pm

Sunday, March 3 at 3 pm

Tickets are $6 for students and $8 for adults and will be available at the door one hour prior to each performance. 


Willy Wonka – Ian Strawser; Understudy – Wyatt Burdge

Charlie Bucket – Nina Malocu; Understudy – Rylan Feehrer

Mrs. Bucket – Addy Feltman; Understudy – Addison Dimm 

Mr. Bucket  – Josef Book; Understudy – Chase Kerstetter

Grandpa Joe – Wesley Somers

Grandma Josephine – Lily Poorman; Understudy – Addison Tabb

Grandpa George – Wyatt Longacre; Understudy – Declan Burger

Grandma Georgina – Adelynn (Oscar) Beaston; Understudy – Alyssa Kerstetter

Candy Man – Josef Book; Understudy – Ian Strawser

James – Abigail (Max) Hughes

Matilda – Emma Mattern

Sophie – Adelie Fisher

Phineous Trout – Camden Feltman; Understudy – Wyatt Longacre

Augustus Gloop – Simon Svicky; Understudy – Camden Feltman

Mrs. Gloop – Rebekah Ehrisman; Understudy – Cali Wagner

Veruca Salt – Katelyn Dietz; Understudy – Addy Feltman

Mr. Salt – Wyatt Burdge; Understudy – Wyatt Longacre

Mike Teavee – Chase Kerstetter; Understudy – Abigail (Max) Hughe

Ms. Teavee  – Jacey Brubaker; Understudy – Drue Hoffman

Violet Beauregarde – Addison Benner; Understudy – Emma Mattern

Mrs. Beauregarde – Addison Dimm; Understudy – Lily Poorman

The Candy Kids – Max Hughes, Emma Mattern, Evie Symmerman, Cali Wagner – solo 4, Ella Feltman – solo 2, Cadence Austin, Brayden Howard – solo 3, Sebastian Graff, Adelie Fisher  – solo 1, Charles Tabb – solo 3, Rylan Feehrer

Cook Chorus – Cali Wagner – solo 1, Drue Hoffman – solo 2, Maye Neimond, Briahna Brubaker, Hannah Book

Oompa Loompa Leaders – Drue Hoffman, Addison Tabb

Oompa Loompas – Declan Burger – solo 1, Alyssa Kerstetter, Kayla Gelnett, Adelie Fisher – solo 2, Addison Tabb, Hannah Book,Bryanna Swartz, Drue Hoffman, Cali Wagner, Maye Neimond, Briahnna Brubaker, Evie Symmerman, Rylan Feehrer – solo 3, Ella Feltman, Cadence Austin, Sebastian Graff, Brayden Howard, Charles Tabb

Squirrel Dancers – Addy Feltman, Max Hughes, Addison Tabb, Bryanna Swartz, Josef Book


Parker Dimm, Kaylee Shirk, Navaeh Schwindt, Quinn Reichenbach, Lewis Boop, Isabella Brown, Kaylee Shirk, Isaiah May, Cloe Snook, Aden Poorman, Jordana Steffen, Ella Tabb, Finn Reichert, Leland Einsig,