If you haven’t been to Mady’s Cookie Creations yet, you need to get there now! The best cookies, muffins and cupcakes in a jar you will find anywhere!

Because we believe their sweet treats are so good, we’re giving you the chance to win some free goodies from them.

Each weekday morning, just after seven, we’ll play a game called Over or under. We’ll give you a number to an event scheduled that night and, if you get it right, you’ll win $10 in free treats from Mady’s Cookie Creations! Here’s the thing, if you get it wrong, that $10 carries over to the next day and the next contestant will play for $20 worth of goodies! So you could end up winning $10, $20, $30 or even more! That’s a lot of cupcakes in a jar!

Here’s an example of how we’ll play. Say there’s an awards show on TV that night and Taylor Swift is up for five of those awards. We may give you the number 2.5 and ask you will she win over or under that amount of awards. Guess right, you win! Guess wrong and the next day’s contestant gets to play for even more!

Listen in to the Merf Morning Show each weekday, just after seven o’clock, 95.7 FM, streaming at MerfRadio.com, on the free Merf Radio and Audacy apps and on your smart speaker once you enable the Merf Radio skill.

In the meantime, check out Mady’s Cookie Creations¬†and give the page a ‘like.”

Find the full contest rules below: