Alexa can do it all. She can answer questions, make phone calls, play Merf Radio and more! And you can make Alexa work for you when you win an Echo Dot. Play Connect the Dots to win an Echo Dot all month long for your chance to win!

Each weekday (May 3-28) at approximately 7:10 am, 10:10 am and 1:10 pm, we’ll give you clues. At 4:10, we will take caller #10 at 866-322-MERF to connect the dots (clues). Be the right caller with the right answer and win a fourth-generation Echo Dot!

For example, at 7:10, we give you the clue “Top 30 countdown.” At 10:10, we give you the clue, “The Voice” and, at 1:10, you get the clue “TRL.” Piece them together and, at roughly 4:10, be caller #10 and answer “Carson Daly.”

Make it happen and you win yourself an Echo Dot!

Some may be easier, some may be harder. We’re wacky like that.

Listen all day every day for your chance to win!

For complete and official rules, click here: ‘CONNECT THE DOTS’ CONTEST RULES