Twin Kiss. You’ve been there, you know…the ice cream. The subs. The salads. The Texas Dogs, burgers, and so on… all amazing!

You now have a chance to win not one of those delicious items from Twin Kiss, but you have a chance to win TWO of those delicious items from Twin Kiss. It’s your chance to Win Twins, a pair of goodies from Twin Kiss, 245 Shaw Avenue, Lewistown!

Listen weekday mornings just after the seven o’clock news for your chance to Win Twins. We’ll give the clues and you name the famous pair to win.

For example, if we said “you probably had one of these sandwiches at least once a week when you were young. It’s creamy and fruity. What it is?” The obvious answer is peanut butter & jelly.

Now they won’t all be that simple, but you get the idea. Listen in to Win Twins (different prizes all the time) from Twin Kiss and the Merf Morning Show.

To check out the Twin Kiss menu, to see what you might win and what you might want to get for dinner tonight, too, click here.