Ever seen a ghost? Or  a UFO? Earlier this year, a whistleblower told Congress that the United States is concealing a ‘multi-decade’ program that captures UFOs and evidence of the supernatural.

With reported sightings coming in daily, do some states and cities offer you a better chance of experiencing the supernatural than others. By analyzing UFO and ghost sighting reports across the US, PennStakes came up with the locations with the greatest chance of seeing something spooky.

Pennsylvania has reportedly experienced 7,184 total sightings (the 7th highest in America), meaning 0.0553% of residents have encountered the supernatural (35th highest in America).

As for individual cities in the Keystone State, here are the places that have reported the most combined UFO and ghost sightings:

As more reports emerge, bookmakers find themselves slashing odds of discovering extra-terrestrial life, with the United States at +1200 to be the country to find evidence first (China, India and Russia all tied for second at +1500).

So have you ever seen something supernatural? Let us know!