This is exciting stuff! The latest edition of the WPSU “Our Town” series is featuring our very own Big Valley! The Our Town production model is very different from a “normal” television program. It is heavily reliant on the folks from the featured community. Most of the people who participated in the show were recruited by other community members. All the stories were chosen by the community members. WPSU performs the interviews, but the vast majority of the imagery is provided by the community members. WPSU does all the editing of the program, though.

There are 26 stories in Our Town: Big Valley, meaning 26 people from in and out of Big Valley were interviewed about regarding a wide variety of stories, businesses, the Amish, historical stories, artists and more.

The show premieres September 7 at 8 p.m. If you do not get WPSU over the air, you can watch it online here or via the PBS app.

We had the opportunity to chat with the producer of the show, Cole Cullen, on the Merf Morning Show.  Take a listen, for free, below.