Skylar Williamson is a junior at Mifflin County High School. who has spent endless hours working on her craft. Those thousands of tumble passes have helped earn her a trip to Dallas for the NCA Return to the Arena!

“I was at my all star cheer practice at Flipping Out Tumbling in Mechanicsburg one night when my coach said “You should enter into the Return to the Arena tumbling competition,” Skylar told us. She said she wasn’t so sure she was good enough for that level of competition but the coach said ” that it was (my) time to shine and give it a try.”

Skylar says they made a video of her tumbling pass and then submitted the application. “Then the hard part came,” she said. She had to wait to see if her video would even make the NCA Instagram page. It did and she made the Top 15.

Then another stressful moment came. “I only had three days to get the votes I needed to make the top five.”  That’s when her mom Shelly stepped into action. “I ended with over 5,000 votes because she had posted on her Facebook page and also on Mifflin County Alerts page. She also contacted Rocco from Merf Radio asking for the communities help.”

As always, the 717 stepped up bigtime, getting Skylar the votes and a trip to Dallas for the national competition.

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“I am all so thankful for the community backing me and helping me get all the votes. My mother and I are leaving for Dallas on February 23.” What does she expect when she gets there? “I am not really sure because this is my first time doing anything like this. I do know that I am super excited and ready to make this community proud!”

If anyone is interested in sponsoring Skylar to help pay for travel costs, she and her mom would be thrilled. “We are putting a t-shirt together with all the sponsors printed on it that my family will wear Friday.” Sponsorships are $50 and that will get your name on the shirt. The deadline is Monday, February 13. Contact my mother, Shelly Williamson at for more information.

Win or lose, Skylar is sure to make her family, friends and community proud. “Watch out Dallas, here I come!,” she says.

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