Meet one of the sweetest hounds we have ever had here. He and his brother/friend came to be with us after being found with a face full of porcupine quills. They went directly to the vet where this problem was taken care of. Denver is also available for adoption. Willie is a bit over a year old as a guess. Other than running and chasing his brother, his favorite thing is human interaction. Good old snuggle time! Walks are nice too AND meal time since that was surely lacking in his previous life. He is gaining weight and looking better every day. Weighed 56 lbs on arrival day. For a hound dog he is very quiet. Not a barky, baying sort. If you like hounds, this boy is a gem!

Perry County Animal Rescue (PCoAR) was started in 2009 because of love for animals. Our core mission is to shelter lost and unwanted animals from Juniata and Perry Counties until a new home is found. PCoAR promotes responsible pet ownership through spay/neuter education, vaccinations and general pet care. With the help of volunteers, PCoAR has successfully found homes for many animals as well as reuniting lost pets with their families.

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Remember, getting a pet is a years-long commitment, not just a Christmas present. Make sure you adopt the pet that is right for you not just now, but year-round.

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