As I said in my post about my favorite Christmas songs, I absolutely adore everything about the holiday. When Christmas songs aren’t filling the air, Christmas movies are on the TV. All the usual suspects but a ton of Hallmark Christmas movies, too. And no, I’m not kidding.

Like the music, so many movies come to mind when you think of Christmas. One in particular, which I’ll get to in a bit, is a pretty awful film but it takes me right back to my childhood.

But first things first…

I used to babysit one afternoon a week for my wife’s aunt. Morgan wasn’t quite to the toddler stage yet when we spent the time together. Each week, the routine was the same. Head down to the corner store for Swedish Fish, walk to the park for some fun and then back to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. And it was the dead of summer. Didn’t matter. It was our thing. It’s been about 27 years and Morgan and I still share the Rudolph bond. And now we’re sharing our love with her toddler Wyatt. Great memories.

I always liked Christmas Vacation. Liked it but didn’t love it. The I met my wife, growing old(er) with her over the years. She loves that movie. Hard. She’d watch it all the time and I’d watch it with her. Now I also love the movie. Unsure if it’s the movie itself or the fact that it makes her laugh every single time, but it’s now right near the top of my list.

Come on, if for no other reasons that Heat MIser and Snow Miser, The Year Without a Santa Claus has to make this list, amiright?

For a list of my favorite Christmas songs, click here.

To be honest, I almost burnt out on this one. Watched that 24 marathon they do have every year soooo many times that it kind of lost it’s magic. i still enjoy it, though. A Christmas Story is a classic.

I didn’t take our boys, who were then pretty young, to see this in theaters when it came out. I don’t remember why I thought so, but I believed the movie was going to ruin Santa for my children. that was a hard no for me. A friend later told me how sweet the film was and we watched it. It’s been a holiday tradition ever since.

The original Home Alone is as good as it gets. Unless you say out loud that a mother and father left a child behind and didn’t realize it. The movie works, though. So good.

Finally, this movie is bad. I mean really, really bad. But it takes me back to being a young boy, sitting on the couch thumbing through the latest TV Guide, trying to find when this one was going to be on. I’d dogear the page and wait (im)patiently for it. I still watch it here and there. Found it at the Dollar Tree years ago. I also have a Record Store Day copy of the theme song, which came with the DVD of the movie. #winning

Merry Christmas and thanks so much for reading. please share our favs with me by emailing