TIU11 Adult Education is offering Adult Education classes at the Juniata County Library. These free classes will be held Tuesdays from 12:30-3:30pm, starting October 11, 2022.

Instruction includes GED test prep, entrance exam test prep, and brush up on math/reading/writing.  This new location will be more convenient for Juniata County residents. Small class sizes will allow for one-on-one instruction in a supportive, encouraging environment. Instruction plans will be individualized so students learn at a pace that works best for them.  TIU11 works with learners of all abilities.

Benefits for adults who earn their GED® include:

  • CHILDREN PERFORM BETTER IN SCHOOL: A mother’s level of reading skill is the greatest determinant of her child’s academic success (Source:  ProLiteracy Council)

  • MORE INCOME FOR FAMILY: GED graduates can earn on average $9000+ more per year (Source: GED Testing Service)

  • INCREASED ATTRACTIVENESS TO EMPLOYERS: The unemployment rate for people without a diploma was 7.4% whereas those with a bachelor’s degree was 2.7% (source US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016)

TIU11 has been providing Adult Education Services, free of charge, to the community for over 35 years. Our outcomes are outstanding:

  • 94% of our students pass their GED® test 

  • 95% of our students enter or retain employment 

  • 37% enter college or training (significantly higher that statewide average)

For more information or to register, email trenninger@tiu11.org or call 248-4942 x109 and ask for Tiffany Renninger.