Ashlyn Ritzman started concert band for the Mifflin County School District back in fourth grade. Four years later, in eighth grade, she was joined the marching band, playing bass drum for the Huskies, who finished fourth at the Atlantic Coast Championships (ACCs).

As a freshman, Ashlyn played tenor drum  and the band took first place at the ACCs. The Following year, she played snare as the band took second place at ACCs.

Her junior season, she was back to tenor, but there was no chance to get back to the Atlantic Coast Championships, due to COVIID-19.

Ashlyn, ever the team player, was back to snare again her final year for the Huskies, as the marching band once again won the Atlantic Coast Championship.

Now a first-year student at Penn State, majoring in education, with a goal of teaching high school biology, Ashlyn is a member of the Penn State Blue Band!

.The Blue Band audition consisted of submitting two videos, one of a piece that she had 30 days to prepare for, and another that she only had just two days to practice. She passed those audition videos and was invited to the Blue Band’s final audition.

Ashlyn made the cut, becoming a of the Penn State Blue Band and will take the field at their first home game on September 10th!

Congratulations, Ashlyn. Keep on making your family, friends and community proud!

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