What a weekend it was for our Mifflin-Juniata Special Olympics swim team! A whole bunch of medals and, more importantly, a whole bunch of fun!

The team competed at the state meet and put on a show, for sure.

Willy Reed
15m Flotation Race = GOLD
25m Flotation Race = GOLD


Open photo


Bobby Fisher
15m Walk = GOLD
15m Unassisted Swim = GOLD


Open photo
Kristy Mccloskey
25M Freestyle = 5th


Open photo


Megan Maclay 25m Freestyle = 5th
25M Backstroke=GOLD 50m
Freestyle = BRONZ
Open photo


Daisy Lyter 25m Freestyle = SILVER
25m Backstroke= GOLD


Blake Knarr 25m Freestyle = SILVER
Open photo
Allen Kearny 25m Freestyle = SILVER
Open photo


Erin Pyle 25m Freestyle =BRONZE
50m Freestyle = BRONZE
25m Backstroke=Fourth
And a special thank you goes out to these amazing coaches for their time and dedication to these truly special athletes! Holly Goodling, Damien Lyter and Kristy Lebkicher!
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