There’s been a last day of school tradition at East Derry Elementary School for a while now. Every year, as the buses pull away with the students for the final time that school year, the teachers all gather around the bus pickup circle and wave goodbye to the students. They cheer, shake pom-poms, ring bells, bang on drums, play music, dance and wave goodbye, making the last day a memorable one. The buses make a few laps around the circle while the children wave back to the teachers and staff.

This year though, for reasons unknown, a few of the buses didn’t participate. This really – really – disappointed one little girl who was especially looking forward to this special event. Rylee had been telling her little brother about how much fun it was, since this would be his first time going through the parade. But their bus was one that didn’t take part.

Rylee’s mom, Heather, was devastated for her children. She mentioned her disappointment to a few teachers.

The teachers said, you know what, we’ll go back outside and do it for Rylee and her brother. Bring them on back to school.

So Heather picked up her children at the bus stop and drove back to East Derry Elementary in her vehicle and, sure enough, all the teachers were out there in the drizzling rain, cheering, shaking pom-poms, ringing bells, banging on drums, playing music, dancing and waving goodbye. Not a few teachers and staff. Every. Single. One.

Heather cried. Rylee cried. Some teachers cried.

Heather says, “These people are the most amazing people I have ever met.” She goes on, “This is a moment I’ll never forget for as long as I live.”

Sometimes it’s the little things that are the biggest things.

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