East Juniata Elementary recently held a- Read-a-Thon for its students and the school’s PSIS program. The students read so much! The event also raised $9,715 (so far)! You can donate here.

The top reader overall was Calleigh Reasner in Mrs. Crimmel’s 4th-grade class with 2,293 minutes. One of EJE’s teachers said that they even saw Calleigh reading while she was jumping on the trampoline at home!

Thanks to everyone who donated and congrats to all the students for doing such a great job!

Here are the winners from each grade:


Lily Strawser, 405 Minutes

Grade 1

Levi Strawser, 766 Minutes

Grade 2

Molly Messimer, 581 Minutes

Grade 3

Annie Fogle, 1,200 Minutes

Grade 4

Calleigh Reasner, 2,293 Minutes

Grade 5

Cooper Arnold, 822 Minutes

Grade 6

Aubrey Arnold, 592 Minutes

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