Pennsylvania’s highway construction industry is partnering with PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to call for a safety stand-down on Wednesday (September 15th) to prevent jobsite accidents. The event which has been dubbed “Safer Together” will call upon both the transportation construction industry and the motoring public to focus on work zone safety. Nearly 50,000 people are injured or killed around U.S. transportation project jobsites each year, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Transportation workers will be asked to dedicate 30 minutes of their day to focus on work zone safety through various activities Pennsylvania drivers will be reminded to slow down in work zones, observe the posted speed limits, and put down the phone while driving. In 2020 alone, 15 people were killed in crashes in Pennsylvania work zones, according to PennDOT data.

Seal-coating operations on two Mifflin County roads will begin Wednesday (September 15th). Operations will take place on Route 4007 (Jacks Mountain/Wills Road) approximately one mile after turning onto the road from William Penn Highway or four and a half miles after turning from Route 655. Work is expected to be completed by 6:00 pm Wednesday. Work on Route 3017 (Front Street) in New Hamilton Borough should be completed by noon on Thursday. Drivers should anticipate slowed or stopped traffic while traveling through the work zones.