The Mifflin County 911 Center is working at limited capacity at this time.  At approximately 10:00 pm Thursday, Verizon notified the 911 Center that the Verizon Network Operation Center in Harrisburg suffered a connectivity failure to Mifflin County 911. The failure is affecting all incoming 911 lines to Mifflin County 911 for landline, cellular and Voice over IP emergency callers.  Additionally, Verizon is not able to re-route those calls to the Mifflin County non-emergency line due to a similar connectivity issue.  Emergency landline, cellular and voice over IP calls have successfully been routed to a final back-up satellite 911 connection but that connection is only able to support one (1) emergency call at a time.  911 is currently working, but with a very limited capacity.  The Center is taking 911 calls, but they are not able to answer any other emergency calls.  If you cannot get through to the 911 Center with an emergency call, wait 30 seconds and try again.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is hosting free webinars to provide hunters of all ages the information and resources needed to be successful this fall. The courses cover topics ranging from finding places to hunt and selecting a firearm, to an overview of regulations.  The series kicks off with a “Squirrel Hunting 101” webinar at 7:00 pm on August 19th.  Additional live webinars will be on September 9th and 21st. The webinars will be about an hour long and hosted by Game Commission staff. Advanced registration is required at the Learn to Hunt page on the agency’s website.