A new state law would ensure caregivers access to their loved ones. The law was adopted in response to the forced isolation of long-term care residents from their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Act 67 of 2021 will safely allow family members to visit long-term care facilities as essential caregivers for the most vulnerable patients. Similar to regulations already implemented in Minnesota and Indiana, the law amends the Pennsylvania Health Care Facilities Act to allow a designated essential family caregiver to be named for each resident of a licensed long-term care facility during a declaration of disaster emergency. Many long-term care residents died alone, or experienced a significant decline in their physical and mental well-being as a result of the pandemic isolation.

Traffic stops are expected on North Atherton Street near State College today. The stops, between Patriot Lane and Woodycrest Street, are necessary to stretch power lines over the roadway as construction continues on the new Aldi store. Stops will take place between 9:00 am and 10:00 am, and will last no longer than eight minutes. Drivers should anticipate travel delays.

Pennsylvania residents can now submit the boundaries of their communities of interest and comment on the current congressional district map using tools now available online. Every 10 years, information collected through the U.S. Census determines the number of representatives for each state based on population. To provide input into the process, residents can submit feedback to define their community of interest, and comment on the current district map. The site is also a source for information on 10 statewide hearings on redrawing congressional districts being held by the House State Government Committee. Video recordings of two hearings that have been held, as well as written testimony, are available at www.PaRedistricting.com.