The Mifflin County Regional Police Department responded to three hundred, ninety-one (391) incidents in the month of June.  Of those reports, regional officers investigated twenty-four (24) incidents of theft or fraud, three (3) assaults, and twenty-four (24) motor vehicle accidents.  Regional officers participating in Aggressive Driver enforcement efforts issued ninety-five (95) traffic citations in June.  In addition, officers made three (3) arrests for driving while under the influence during the month. The Regional Police Board of Director’s publicly expressed appreciation to all agencies involved in the incident on South Logan Boulevard in Burnham on June 3rd.

A local woman was arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of children and simple assault after an incident July 4th on West Fourth Street in Lewistown.  Borough Police arrested 41-year-old Patricia Ann Hine after a domestic dispute with her juvenile daughter.  Hine apparently smoked her daughter’s marijuana and began criticizing her performance in school.   The two engaged in a physical altercation.  Hine bit her daughter several times, and pulled her hair, causing bruises.  Hine was placed in the Mifflin County Correctional facility.

The deadline is approaching for students who wish to repeat a grade level due to pandemic learning loss.Act 66 of 2021 empowers parents to decide whether their children should advance to the next grade level or be held back a year due to learning disruptions created during COVID-19.  Parents and guardians, as well as students at or over the age of 18, have until July 15th to elect to repeat their grade level. The student may do so even if he or she met the requirements to be promoted to the next grade level. The deadline allows school districts enough time to plan for changes in class sizes for the upcoming school year.  The form is available on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website at

Military veterans can apply for a Veteran Identification Card (VIC) through the Department of Veterans Affairs.A Veteran ID Card (VIC) is a form of photo ID veterans can use to get discounts offered at many restaurants, hotels, stores and other businesses. VA Veteran ID Cards do not permit access to bases or commissaries. Find out if you are eligible and how to apply here.