Hoping you can join us this Saturday sometime between noon and two as we broadcast live from the Moose Family Center in Lewistown!
Ever thought about becoming a member of The Moose? Or, now that we mentioned it, would you like to learn more about all The moose offers?
Welllllllll,  the Moose Lodge is having an Open House, open to the public for tours, on Saturday (July 17th) from 8 a.m. –  4 p.m
There will be a breakfast available from 8-11 a.m. for just $5. Also, check this out, a Pig Roast  It’ll start at one and all they are asking for is a donation, whatever you can afford, to chow down. Free fountain sodas and snacks and a cash bar, too!
The Open House also includes a Flea Market from  8 a.m. until 1 p.m. that is free for vendors!
Oh, and a sweet door prize will be awarded, too!
More information can be found on the Lewistown Moose Facebook page.