Electronics Collection Day began in 2014 and has been well received by Juniata County residents. It provides a convenient recycling resource to Juniata County residents to properly dispose of their unwanted electronics. Since 2017, residents have brought more than 78,000 pounds of electronics to the three-hour event. In 2018, two box trucks were filled so quickly, the district has since reserved three box trucks to help ensure no resident is turned away. In the last two years, 91 percent of the county’s municipalities were represented at the event.

The Juniata County Conservation District secures the services of Responsible Recycling Services (RRS) in Kutztown, PA using state reimbursements received for the county’s annual recycling performance. RRS’ mission to reduce landfill waste and protect natural resources aligns well with the mission of the conservation district. They have always provided professional and efficient service. JCCD staff guide traffic and confirm registration. RRS staff collects any fees applied and safely unloads the recyclables from the residents’ vehicles. CDC guidelines are closely followed. Participants are asked to wear a mask, remain in the vehicle at all times, and have exact payment or a check payable to RRS prepared.

Juniata County Agricultural Society generously grants the use of the fairgrounds for the electronics collection in April and Tire Wars in September. It is the perfect venue for maintaining traffic control, resident accessibility, and space for large trucks and unloading. We are very grateful for their continued support.

Registration remains open. To register or learn more, call 717-436-8953, ext 5 or email mindy-musser@juniataccd.org. Provide your name, municipality, phone number, and a brief listing of the items you will be bringing. The event begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. and closes at noon or when trucks have been filled. It is a rain or shine event.

For those who are unable to attend or find they do not want to wait until April each year, Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority provides recycling services to Juniata County residents year-round. Some fees do apply. I would encourage anyone interested in utilizing their services to visit their website to learn more; https://mifflincountyswa.com/.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Mindy of Juniata Recycling below. Even lower on this page is the event flyer.