Everyone has faced challenges during the pandemic, but our essential workers — those who protect us, provide for us and educate us — have kept things going as well as they can. Teachers have emerged as one of the heroic groups that have navigated the hurdles for the sake of their students. Allison Gerwick teaches second grade at Indian Valley Elementary School, Reedsville. Her bright and optimistic personality shine through as she shares what she’s facing as an educator is why she will be getting the

“The pandemic has changed education in many ways, not all negative. We continue to face new challenges but have made many changes from last spring that have improved our abilities as educators. We continue to adapt every day. We have realized how important technology is to providing a modern education. Rural areas, like ours, have dealt with the lack of proper internet connectivity, but we have gone to great measures to provide for our students.”

Delivering remote virtual instruction to students is something new for me, as well as to the students. We all went into this with an understanding that we were learning together. My second grade students make learning fun, and we stress that we learn from our mistakes! We have made many mistakes, but we have learned so much. I have grown as an educator, and my students continue to grow too! None of the growth and success would be possible, however, without the great support and communication
from the student’s families.

I am eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in phase 1B. I look forward to getting the vaccine. It is important to me not only for my health, to hopefully prevent me from having the virus again, but more importantly to help prevent the spread. I feel that it is the responsible decision for me as a mom, daughter, friend, educator, and community member.

I have had my doubts and moments of uncertainty due to the unknown of this virus, but in the end if I can help prevent the spread I will. I am vaccinating for my family, friends, students, and our community. I wasn’t extremely sick when I had the COVID-19 virus. I had taken all of the precautions- masking, sanitizing and not gathering in large crowds. I have no idea where I was exposed – it can happen so easily and to anyone. I’m thankful that at the time we were having remote learning and holiday break, so I didn’t expose any students or colleagues to the virus. Hopefully soon this will not need to be a concern.”

Thank you for your dedication to the students and families of our community, Allison!

Courtesy Geisinger Lewistown Hospital.

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