Hi. Tangelo here. I am a young neutered male, DSH kitty. I am a lover, playful and funny. I love toys and playing with the other cats. OH and cat nip is FUN STUFF!!! I am litter trained. I do give love nips if I feel you should keep petting me OR not! I am a handsome boy looking for a loving family. I am NOT declawed and would prefer to stay that way. I do like jumping up and perching up high but fine with not doing so. Hiding in a cubbie hole bed and peeking out at you is fun too. Especially if I can surprise you! Anyway I am a cool cat and hope you can be my cool family!

Meet Tangelo today at Perry County Animal Rescue. Perry County Animal Rescue (PCoAR) was started in 2009 because of their love for animals. The core mission of PCoAR is to shelter lost and unwanted animals from Juniata and Perry Counties until a new home is found. PCoAR will promote responsible pet ownership through spay/neuter education, vaccinations and general pet care. With the help of volunteers, they have successfully found homes for many animals as well as reuniting lost pets with their families.