Proo was brought here by his family. We were told he was not getting along with his littermate that he has lived with all his life. Both males. Both unaltered. We were told he is aggressive. From the moment we met him, we have seen no signs of aggression, but instead, intense FEAR. This poor boy was paralyzed with fear. Tense and trembling so severely he would fall over. He refused any eye contact. He did growl a few times in an attempt to prove he was brave. We were certain this boy was going to be a complicated case, BUT… if you’ll notice in the pictures and video, there’s been a breakthrough! Please understand, he is still fearful, but in a short time he has made amazing strides! We do not know what happened in his past, but we do know he is a brave boy who is willing to forgive and love again. The right person will be so lucky to have this wonderful, handsome boy!

Proo is approximately 5 years old. He weighs around 67 pounds. He is DEAF, so there will need to be extra patience and special training. He does already know simple command hand signals. He is a smart boy. He may be okay with some other dogs. We were told no cats or small animals. Probably no other dogs. Due to his deafness, he startles easily. We believe a quiet, calm home with no children will be best for him. He enjoys walks and playing ball. We do highly recommend a fenced yard for him. He will need to feel safe. He will need patience. But most importantly, he needs love and loyalty.

Meet Proo today at Perry County Animal Rescue. Perry County Animal Rescue (PCoAR) was started in 2009 because of their love for animals. The core mission of PCoAR is to shelter lost and unwanted animals from Juniata and Perry Counties until a new home is found. PCoAR will promote responsible pet ownership through spay/neuter education, vaccinations and general pet care. With the help of volunteers, they have successfully found homes for many animals as well as reuniting lost pets with their families.