**UPDATE**: Ghair is making great progress. With routine and guidance he is calming down and becoming a very good dog. He is very playful and puppish! He still needs an experienced owner. Below still applies but we have seen great improvement with him!

Meet Ghair! One handsome handful! We will start out by stating that Ghair is not the dog for everyone and will NOT be adopted to a home with small children, small dogs, cats or a family that does not have a strong background/experience with German Shepherds/guardian breeds. We do not have a lot of history for Ghair and information we were given is contradicting. Ghair is coming into his prime at 3 years old, so we feel neutering will curb his attitude some, BUT not completely. (is now neutered)This will take a firm, knowledgeable hand of his new owner. Here is what we can tell you: Ghair has a bit of an attitude and thinks he should be top dog. This, he needs to learn, is NOT acceptable. Ghair is a large shepherd. He needs to learn respect for his owner. If he thinks he can get the upper hand he will, without a doubt. He needs strong guidance and training to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Growling is NOT acceptable. We firmly believe Ghair is a very smart dog and will learn quickly. He just needs someone that knows how to properly train him. He is a high energy dog and if he gets too stimulated, bad behavior comes to the surface. If he starts to jump up, this needs to be dealt with asap, so he will not escalate. He will start with a growl and then he will snap. He is mouthy in play, so this must be corrected to avoid any intensity. We were told he does better with women than men, but he was surrendered to us because he was allegedly being aggressive with the owner’s girlfriend. We were told he is good with children of all ages, but due to his behavior we will NOT adopt him to a family with children. He does enjoy playing fetch and taking walks. He is spooked easily and can express his fear with a lunge and/or a growl. We believe he has great potential with the right owner. He is frustrated, nervous, confused, scared and high strung. None of these traits do well in a kennel situation.

Meet Ghair today at Perry County Animal Rescue. Perry County Animal Rescue (PCoAR) was started in 2009 because of their love for animals. The core mission of PCoAR is to shelter lost and unwanted animals from Juniata and Perry Counties until a new home is found. PCoAR will promote responsible pet ownership through spay/neuter education, vaccinations and general pet care. With the help of volunteers, they have successfully found homes for many animals as well as reuniting lost pets with their families.