Today marks the 79th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which prompted America’s entrance into World War II.  “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Tribute” will be presented by the Pennsylvania Military Museum later today.  The tribute will be broadcast online via Facebook from beneath the guns of the battleship USS Pennsylvania which was a witness to that attack. In-person attendance is restricted to ceremony participants.  The tribute begins at 12:45 pm at

A recent phone scam bilked an area woman out of more than $6,800.  State Police say the incident happened on November 17th in Juniata County.  A Walker Township woman received a phone call from an unidentified caller who told the victim she could receive large amounts of money in a loan if she purchased Best Buy gift cards and returned them to the caller.  The woman followed the instructions before realizing it was a fraudulent call.

Friday’s “Battle of the Morning Shows” raised more than $5,060 for the Salvation Army. MERF Radio was again the winner, followed by Bigfoot Country and Big Lewie. The three stations combined raised $5,063.04 to benefit the Salvation Army. All the funds will stay local to help our neighbors in need.

Merf RadioTotal: $2288.00;

Big Foot Total: $2240.04;

Big Lewie Total: $535.00;

Grand Total: $5063.04