Camo is an 8-year old male beagle mix. He’s an easygoing & affectionate guy! He’s lived all his life with Shiloh, who is also available for adoption. But they can be placed separately. For the 1st 6 years of Camo’s life, he spent most of my time shut in a room with Shiloh. Then 2 years ago, a couple moved into the house where he lived & worked really hard to socialize him. Camo has made major improvements! He’s still stand-offish when he meets someone new people.

Camo LOVES soft treats & he takes them very nicely! Besides Shiloh, Camo has been around cats & he’s fine with them. He is basically housetrained, but if you don’t let him out, he’ll go in the house. For the past 2 years, he’s used to going out several times a day, & will whine when he needs to go outside. Camo enjoys playing tug-of-war! He’s been around children & is fine with them. But it’s important to take your time introducing Camo to strangers & let him get to know them at my his pace. Camo is living in a boarding kennel right now, & anxious to be in a home & to have his own person!

Meet Camo at Nittany Beagle Rescue. They’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of beagles in central Pennsylvania. They accept beagles from shelters and from owners who can no longer keep them and they work to find them loving, permanent homes.