UPDATE: We’re saddened to announced A Mifflin & Juniata Christmas for 2020 has been cancelled. Due to the pandemic, there was a lack of opportunity for groups to get together and work on their songs. There were other factors added in making this decision as well. The good news is…we will be working hard to make sure the show will return next year! Until then, keep practicing your social distancing, washing those hands and mask up! Happy Holidays from all of us at Merf Radio.


If you sing, play an instrument, participate in a choir, chorus or band, we need you!

For the third straight year, Merf Radio will air its Christmas Eve special, “A Mifflin & Juniata Christmas,” featuring you, your neighbors, families and friends.

We’re looking for high-quality recordings of you singing your favorite Christmas song. It can be as simple as you videoing yourself and submitting that. Remember though, it has to be high quality. We have to be able to hear you and the music. Just try it a bunch of ways until you find a way that sounds amazing!

We are looking for residents of Juniata or Mifflin counties to participate. If you live out of the areas, but have ties here, we’ll consider you, too!

Now keep in mind, we get a ton of submissions. While we’d like to feature every single one, time doesn’t always allow it. So make sure you’re recording is as good as it can be to ensure inclusion.

Feel free to submit more than one song but a) only one song per form and b) remember, we will not be able to play everything we receive, unfortunately.

Questions? Email Rocco Pallotto at rocco@merfradio.com. Otherwise, submit your music via the form below.

The deadline for submissions is December 9.