We all know that things are different this year. Almost everything is different.

One thing that isn’t different, though? The help our neighbors, friends and families need through the Salvation Army.

Time are tougher than ever for everyone. So the Seven Mountains Media Radio Stations in Lewistown decided that, despite losing every big-time fundraiser due to the pandemic, we’d still put on the annual Battle of the Morning Shows.

This is where you come in. Instead of, for example, Merf heading into the Battle with more than $4,000 in fundraising monies, we’ll be starting at zero. That’s a huge hurdle but we know you’ll do your part to help us help those in need through the Salvation Army.

The annual Battle of the Morning Shows will take place on Friday, December 4, from 11 am until 1 p.m. on the square in downtown Lewistown. We’re working on ways to make it touchless, to keep you and the volunteers safe.

If you’d rather, you can mail your check in early. Just know that we need it by one o’clock on the 4th to count towards Battle totals.Simply make your check payable to the Salvation Army with ‘Merf/Battle’ in the memo line. Mail it to Rocco Pallotto, Merf Radio, 12 East Market Street, Suite B, Lewistown, PA 17044.

Questions? Email Rocco at rocco@merfradio.com.

Thanks for reading. Please help if you can. Your neighbors, friends and families are depending on us.