A Lewistown man was pronounced dead at the scene of a tractor-trailer crash yesterday morning on Route 322 in Brown Township.  Mifflin County Coroner Dan Lynch said 49-year-old Scott Mogel died in the rollover crash at about 11:30 am Monday. 

General Election Day in the United States is officially two weeks from today.  Voters across the nation will cast ballots for President as well as Representatives on the federal and state level.  In the Commonwealth, candidates will vie for U.S. and Pennsylvania House seats.  Mail-in voting will also play a part in this year’s election.  

High-speed internet service is expanding in four counties because of a $2.5 million grant awarded to SEDA-COG.   The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) POWER grant funds internet expansion to areas in Clinton, Lycoming, Northumberland, and Union counties, reaching over 1,500 households, including over 20 businesses.  The grant will supplement $4 million of SEDA-COG’s revolving loan funds.