TIU11 Community Education and Workforce Services, in conjunction with PA CareerLink®, will offer a free, six-week Digital Literacy class to qualifying adults. Students will learn how to use technology while improving their written communication skills. The six-week combination in-person/remote class starts on October 9, 2020. In-person classes run every Friday, from 9am-12pm at the PA CareerLink® Mifflin County location, MCIDC Plaza, Bldg. 58, 6395 SR103N, Lewistown PA, 17044. Remote classes occur every Monday from 3:00-4:00PM.*

Students will learn how to use email, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Google Classroom. They will also learn about file management and organization as well as building web sites. A heavy emphasis will be placed on communicating effectively and appropriately using technology.

* Accommodations will be made for those students without a computer or internet access. Students unfamiliar with Remote Learning will receive instruction on how to join a virtual classroom

To register for this class, call 717-248-4942 x191 or email ngoodman@tiu11.org before October 8, 2020.