Merf Radio is Gaga for Goose Day! And you should be, too!

This year, you don’t even necessarily have to eat goose for good luck. Listen to this, Merf Radio and several area merchants are giving you the chance to win a minimum of $50, maybe more! A lot more!

Here’s how this will work:

First, get your free Goose Day bumper sticker at one of the following locations, while supplies last:

– JP Edwards
– Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Center
– Downtown OIP
– Honeycomb Salon
– Friendship Bookstore
– East End Coffee
– Merf Radio office
Then, place that sticker on your car.
Now, pay close attention because this part needs done exactly. Take a picture of the sticker, on your car, with the license plate clearly visible.
Head to Merf Radio’s Facebook page. At the top of the page, you’ll see the Gaga for Goose Day post.
Post your picture in the ‘Comments’ section. Make sure the sticker AND the license plate number is clearly visible. Also include #gooseday18.
Here’s an idea of what your picture should look like:
Then, on Friday, September 28, listen to Merf Radio. At various times of the day between 8AM and 5PM, we will call out a license plate from the ‘Comments’ section of that Facebook post. If we call your number, you’ll have nine minutes and 57 seconds to call 866-322-MERF. Make it in time and you’ll win $50. Miss out and that $50 will be added to the Golden Goose Jackpot.
And, oh yeah, that Golden Goose Jackpot starts at $200!
One last thing…when you go to collect your winnings, you’ll need to have the vehicle with the winning license plate with you.